Friday, 19 January 2018

Beauty everywhere

The beauty of ice crystals on my chicken stock.

Monday, 15 January 2018

The scent of green

Beautiful green shiny ivy, set against the damp wood, the scent of earth and fresh, clean air. Beauty is everywhere. 😍

Monday, 1 January 2018

And the 22 month old speaketh

Me (at bedtime): Can mama have a sip of your water please?
Daughter: No. Go downstairs.
Me (with surprise and a chuckle): Oh, ok, maybe daddy can bring some up for me.
Daughter (shouting): Siy! Bring mama water please! Siy!

Last day of holidays, first day of 2018

Lovely, lovely last day of holibobs. Sad to be losing my grown up playmate tomorrow. Proud of the kids' efforts today, especially my son who had a spectacular tumble on a fast downhill, had a bit of a wail, then got back on his bike, cycled to the playground on the fireroad, and then found the energy to do some climbing and running in the playground. Feeling blessed with my little family. AND the biggest news ever - we finally wore the kids out and they were both asleep by 6.20pm. 😍


Awareness of new emotions seems as good as any to start the new year. That, and the lie in I've been waiting for all Xmas! Yay! 7am lie in! 😍

Emotional awareness

Sunday, 31 December 2017

NYE 2017

Ready for our big night. 😂 Happy new year to you all from us. I hope 2018 brings you more moments of enlightenment and contentment, surrounds you with love and brings more laughter to your hearts. Its been a pretty dark year - here's to the return of light. With love from me. ❤️

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Xmas excitement

* After much thoughtful silence while we're lying in bed waiting for the boy to sleep. *
Four year old son: Mama, what if Santa comes through the front door?
Me: well he has a special key and he'll lock it afterwards.
Son: no, I mean, he might not find his snacks. Can you write a note for the front door please?
Me: ok. I'll do that.
* Silence while I half doze. Open my eyes to find him staring at my face. *
Son: this is my excited face, mama!
Me: [smile and a kiss] I know sweetheart.
* More thoughtful silence. *
Son: mama, I don't think Santa has a sleigh.
Me: ok, what does he have?
Son: he has a motorbike. That man with the Santa hat on the motorbike was actually Santa...and the reindeer magic makes it fly.
* More silence. *
Son: but the motorbike is electric otherwise it would be too noisy.
Me: ah yes maybe, time to sleep now...!
* Silence. *
Son: mama? Does Santa ho ho ho in every house?
Me: only if he really likes the snack, and then he says "ho, ho, ho, lovely mince pies!"
Son: but he must say it quietly. [Whispers ho ho ho]
Me: shall we put on your birdsong music to help you sleep?
Son: yes, that's a good idea. I'm too excited. That will help me sleep!
* Asleep within about two minutes. *

Friday, 15 December 2017

The kindness of a child

The biggest, this morning, asked how well I slept and when I said terribly (due to daughter's itching hands and my cold), gave me a head massage and sang to me to help me feel better. I had to gather up my melted heart!

He's been worried, of late, about living alone as an adult. We had a long chat yesterday about how he never has to live alone if he doesn't want to. He can live in house share or a commune or cohousing. I have never lived alone (at 40) and never desired to. I think this comforted him.

The littlest, meanwhile, has been busy learning. Learning everything. She recognises four and six, and can count to ten. She's learning colours and sentences. We were blowing bubbles in the garden yesterday and as they floated out of her reach, she shouted "Get back!"

Development of children is the most fascinating thing ever to me. It is a wholly absorbing process, where I try to miss nothing that needs resolving or amending. Good foundations allow a strong structure.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

The art of rules

Eldest trying to reach youngest the rules of a race. She's totally not getting it and I hear him shout "Oh, you little rascal!"

Occasionally there is success and I hear a double "Yay!"

Patience of a preschooler and randomness of a toddler. The beats of my heart. 😍

Wednesday, 13 December 2017