Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Sadness all round

Today was the last full normal day of nursery for my son. He has a party day and a short ending early day next week. This was our last full week of nursery.

He couldn't fall asleep for ages tonight. He finally whispered that he was sad he wouldn't be going to school with his friends. That he wanted to stay where he's been at nursery. He didn't want to go somewhere new. His heart opened and he cried his eyes out. His grief is real and there is no cheering him up with platitudes. It is just something he needs to feel and get through and wait until he feels ok. He just needs to wait until he feels as at home at his new school.

I hear his sadness because I'm sad too. I will miss our lovely cycling route and the "weeeeeeeee" of the two lovely downhill sections first thing in the morning. I will miss the trees and the squirrels and the pigeons that seem so familiar now. I will miss the familiar faces of parents and teachers. I will miss chatting and walking with my friends. I feel sad too.

As I said to my boy, the depth of his sadness shows how happy he has been with this very large part of his life.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Kids having fun

My son's 'tan' wiped off his legs. 😂

Sign of a child having had a fun day! ❤️

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Sibling love

Playing beautifully, as they have been all day. ❤️

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Stop and go

I am completely in love with my son's stop-go sign (other side is red and says 'stop'). It's for me to hold up when I want to say "Stop shouting" or "Go" when I want a hug. ❤️😍

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my father and the father of my sparkler children!

May you have a wonderful day (of doing not much to my father, to maybe to doing a little less than usual to my husband, as far as I can go, I'm afraid!)

Sporting the Father's Day t-shirt present. We all got a special lie in this morning until 6.45!! 🤗

Thursday, 14 June 2018

The questioning child

A great reminder. It's so easy to forget what I remember so clearly as a child in terms of my own needs. The innocence of genuinely wanting to understand why or what for, and the absolute confusion when a parent became angry at my wilfulness or questioning. "Because I said so," meant nothing to me. It made me lose respect for the parent in that moment. A clear answer, or even "I'm sorry I don't have time to go through why right now, ask me later" would have been much better for me.

Monday, 11 June 2018


Son was telling me he'd been having nightmares about monsters in the garden, that look like me and my husband, but are blue and eat small children! 😳 I asked what veggies they like, none, but they do like strawberries, so we're going to always have a supply of strawberries so that they don't eat him and his sister. 😂

The children of the clouds

So my daughter was asking me about the children "up there" this morning. Took me ages to realise she didn't mean on the roof of the car, but in the clouds. She insisted these children live in the clouds and she was worried that they were thirsty, but could maybe drink rain water (which I suggested and which made her happy). I asked where the children had come from and she said they used to live in homes with their mummies and daddies, and now they live in the clouds with the other children. Such a lovely and random conversation. I love the minds of my little people.

Big daddy

Two year old daughter: you're little, mama.
Me: am I?
Daughter: yes, like me and S (brother).
Me: what about daddy?
Daughter: daddy is big...with big muscles and big legs.


Me: you really like being outdoors and barefoot, don't you?
Two year old daughter: yeah, I do!
Me: with your feet in the squishy mud, and the grass under your feet...
Daughter: yeah! And the poopies in my toes!
Me: 😳

(Damn all the dog owners who don't pick up their dog's poops).